Friday, September 16, 2011

Travel Picks - Top 10 toilets around the world - Yahoo! News

Travel Picks - Top 10 toilets around the world - Yahoo! News
Alright,my dear friends!!! Thought this would amuse you!! to those of you who are world travelers...PHIVOS,YES YOU PHIVOS!!! and anyone else, you may have been to one of these!! I am one of those germaphobes who waits until she has no other choice before entering a public restroom!!! ..really.most of the ones I've seen have kept me out of others!!! I see now where I shall have to least I can pee in comfort and without fear!!! xo
hope you all have a lovely weekend!! xo


Shirley said...

Why is it we love a clean rest room but the ladies room is always so dirty..WHY?...I know I wouldnt leave behind the kind of mess that is always there...this really baffles me!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

This is funny Ann! It's true what Shirley said, the ladies room is always so dirty! It makes me mad! I always have antibacterial wipes in my purse. You should see me, I look like a nurse, when I go into the public washrooms! LOL!

Vagabonde said...

We flew back from Ohio a few days ago and now I am trying to read all the posts I missed. You have been busy and placed some attractive posts on your blog – with some stories that need to be read.

I have not been to the toilets on the article but remember one in Vienna, Austria, last May that was gorgeous.

Christine H. said...

Well, I don't care if they're really nice, because I don't want to spend too much time there. I only care if they aren't. I have found some nasty toilets in otherwise elegant places, including Paris. I'm also sorry to see the trend towards unisex toilets. That does a disservice to those of us who sit down.

Sunshineshelle said...

Funny post, public toilets can be a minefield of anxious moments, from the wet patches on the floor to the bare toilet paper roll!!

Jan said...

HA! Top 10 toilets, huh? I'd settle for just 1 clean one :)

Georgie Horn said...

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THANKS Sassy girl!