Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New ATC for PID group

this is for the STRIPES challenge...PID image of course!!i just love this little girl..she is so cute!!

altered me for my husband

i made this the other day for my husband...he loves to hang altered "me's"

Mixed Media Artist: Digital effects techniques

Mixed Media Artist: Digital effects techniques

I am a complete idiot when it comes to photoshop..sharing this link to the blog i i missed it that day i don't know!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


this is a photo of the Flapper Paperdoll I did for one of my groups swaps. By far,this was the hardest one I've done. I had a lot of trouble finding the images I needed and that "fit" together. I just hope whoever is my swap partner is not dissapointed..I couldn't make it where the arms and legs were movable..thank goodness that is not a requirement!!


here is the Flapper ATC Paperdoll I made for one of my group swaps.

great blog giveaway....

run yourself over to
she is having a drawing for the most fabulous get to pick a color!! I so don't care that I'm going to be 55 next month,don't care if anyone thinks I'm too old and not appropriate for someone "my age"..if I win I AM GOING TO WEAR IT!!!!!!!!! I AM STILL A "GIRLIE-GIRL" AND I CAN WEAR IT IF I WANT...AND I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!


My dear friend Betsi sent me this beautiful piece of art! She did if from my Mother's Wedding photo..I WAS JUST FLOORED WHEN IT CAME IN THE MAIL!! It is beautifully done and I will treasure it always. It is proudly displayed where everyone can see it. Betsi,again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this special gift you are a wonderful artist and friend!!
artist: BETSI O'HARA

Thursday, May 21, 2009

been very busy trying to finish Atc's and paperdolls for several group swaps.In between that,been helping out my 27 yo son..he thought the best way to deal with being angry and upset was to punch a metal pole....broke 2 fingers..casted today,finally..must be a guy thing as my husband did the same thing at about the same age...or,could it be hereditary? Had to cut his food for him..haven't done that in years...brought him to our house for a while to feed him!! he doesn't take even tylenol,so when he readily took 2 vicodin and filled the prescription i knew he was in major pain. the funniest thing was watching him once they took effect..we were at the store getting his prescription filled,left him right at the pharmacy while we picked up a loaf of bread(Albertson's has a Sav-On in store pharmacy) and a couple of magazines my husband wanted. When we came back to get his medicine and him..we found him wandering the pharmacy area looking for us,with magazines in his good hand..he thought my husband had set them down for him..appparently there is someone in the store wondering where their magazines went!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

One of my first few attempts at altered "art"

this is one of the first attempts at altered"art" that I did.
I made this about 2 years ago.

Atc I made just because

Say hello to little Miss "I WANT TO BE A RODEO QUEEN".

I love this image from

the background was done by sponging different colors over punchinella,piece of torn script paper,parts of scrapbook paper cut out and some green "webbing".I added a brass charm and aged it with sepia modge podge and sepia and brown inks.

new creations for PID group

these are picture's of the ATC's I made the first is for the May ATC jackpot with "script theme" and the second is for the lime green and pink challenge . Images used are from


Ive been tagged by's the link back.
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6.going through old family photos and the memories they bring back
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Monday, May 11, 2009


This is a paperdoll I made for Lila. The dress is made from an image stamped on watercolor paper,the n colored with watercolor pencils and twinkling H2O'c,wings mad from photo on glossy paper and metal hands and shoes made of cardstock and covered with "Tiara"STICKLES GLITTER GLUE. metal embellishment crown brad glued in place.


take a visit over to Aileen's blog and check out the beautiful ATC's that she did and is so wonderfully making them a givaway..

SCROLL DOWN TO SUNDAY,MAY 3,2009 to see the ATC's and enter !!
i so tried to set up a direct link..but after 7 tries, i finally admitted defeat!


TODAY IS BECKY'S BIRTHDAY..DROP BY and leave a birthday greeting .


Saturday, May 9, 2009


I would like to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your day, however you spend it. I've posted some pictures of my Mom,who passed away in 1998..I miss her everyday,but I know she is with me.I talk to her all the time..she was an extremely creative woman,a home economics teacher the taught the grade school levels. She is my inspiration. She and my father couldn't have children, so they adopted me and my identical twin when we were 6 mos. old. She was the best Mother any child could have..and she was mine!! She taught me so much,with words and her actions. Happy Mother's Day Mom...I LOVE YOU.
The picture with my Father's Mother,my Mom and Miss Finnigan(from Cchildren's Home Society) was taken on the day they picked us up from the adoption agency and took us home. Every Dec. 31 we celebrated Adoption was the most important day for me to celebrate.I's the last photo. The one just above it is my parents wedding photo.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is my first time joining the PAPER IMAGERY DESIGNS GROUP monthly challenge. THE THEME IS SUMMER. Image is,of course,one of PID's of my favorites! I used twinkling h2o's in several colors for the background,some drybrushing,cut-outs of butterflies and flowes and Stickles glitter glue.I used watercolor pencils to enhance their hair.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I found a great new website!!!

ok..I can be a real spaz at times..I have been following Becky's blog.. found out she has a website,along with some other very talented artists, where there are a lot of different items for sale..the artists own works and collage sheet. Gallery of art,free images. If you haven't visited,I hihly reccomend that you're in for a real treat!!

Cpaphil Vintage Postcards

Cpaphil Vintage Postcards

You must stop by here...the postcard is wonderful and the info with it is amazing ..some of you may have known this,but I didn't know that..............