Thursday, May 21, 2009

been very busy trying to finish Atc's and paperdolls for several group swaps.In between that,been helping out my 27 yo son..he thought the best way to deal with being angry and upset was to punch a metal pole....broke 2 fingers..casted today,finally..must be a guy thing as my husband did the same thing at about the same age...or,could it be hereditary? Had to cut his food for him..haven't done that in years...brought him to our house for a while to feed him!! he doesn't take even tylenol,so when he readily took 2 vicodin and filled the prescription i knew he was in major pain. the funniest thing was watching him once they took effect..we were at the store getting his prescription filled,left him right at the pharmacy while we picked up a loaf of bread(Albertson's has a Sav-On in store pharmacy) and a couple of magazines my husband wanted. When we came back to get his medicine and him..we found him wandering the pharmacy area looking for us,with magazines in his good hand..he thought my husband had set them down for him..appparently there is someone in the store wondering where their magazines went!!


april said...

Oh oh. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, huh? Sounds like you're handling it well. hugs.

artistamyjo said...

Oh dear, poor fellow. So painful.Hope he feels better soon.
tell him to hit the wall next time-drywall is a bit easier.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy...people probably thought hmmm is he ....?? LOL We are always there for them aren't we? Parenthood gotta love it...or go crazy when they are young!