Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fab giveaway!!

Click on the badge for priscillastyles cricut giveaway on my side bar!! She is celebrating by giving one of these away!!! I've alwys wanted one..they are way too expensive for I have added my name to the list of hopeful winners!!! Pop over and add your name! Is she too generous or what!!!! Good Luck!!!

The Graphics Fairy - Crafts: Royal Giveaway - London Postcard Set!

The Graphics Fairy - Crafts: Royal Giveaway - London Postcard Set!: "To celebrate my new sites, I'm having a little Giveaway! I'm giving away a set of these really cute 'Vintage London' postcards, by Cavalli..."
if you haven't been to Karen's new blogs..hurry on over.the new ones are fabulous! She's having a wonderful giveaway..what are you waiting for??...go. go now. go now and add your name!!!!!! happy weekend!!

Happy Birthday Daddy !!

Today would have been my fathers 92nd birthday. He was born April 30,1919 in Cisco ,Georgia.He died December 26,2005..he joined my mother who went to Heaven before him in March 1998. He proudly served as an officer in the United states Navy during WW2 in the Pacific Theater.He was a Lt.Commander and retired from the Navy Reserves after 25 years..  He worked for the Los Angeles Times as an advertising executive and retired after 58 years with the company.
My father meant the world to me. He was my knight in shining armor. He was smart,funny,giving and happy. I only saw him mad twice in my life. He never complained..went through life taking each day as it came.
My mother always said that if my sister or I would have said to him "Daddy,could you get me that star in the sky?" he would have gone to find the tallest ladder! I could go to him with any question or problem. He loved my mother deeply and was a true Southern Gentleman. I NEVER saw my mother open a door if he was present. 
My father was the standard that I held to every man I met to. They had to have the same qualities.
He was a wonderful husband,father,grandfather and great-grandfather!
Daddy,Happy Birthday!! i know that you,mom and Jan are celebrating the day..I'm with all of you in spirit today! I'll be having a piece of cake later to celebrate..and I know you wil be with me. I miss you all! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art From The Heart: Bookmarks

Art From The Heart: Bookmarks..check out Amy's bookmarks..they are beautiful!!

The Platters - Only You

Five Satins - In the Still of the Night

HerE's more................


THANKS FOR THE FREE IMAGE SUZE ! are wondering why so many..well, I am trying to quit smoking..haven't had one since Thursday. wearing a nicotine's been ok..but today is really difficult and I am cranky,short-tempered and in a foul mood! so,my darling husband is "referee-ing" all 3 grandkids,'cause my patience and tolerance level is at a negative bazillion...I'm keeping my self occupied doing these!!!!  you will probably see more..and some video uploads too..GOTTA KEEP BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANKS FOR INDULGING ME !!!!

Played with free photo editing software!!

Dream girl 1

Dream Girl 2

Dream girl 3

original photo from artwork by suze on flickr
thanks so much for the free image suze!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nessun Dorma Three Tenors 1994 Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti

" Day of the Dead"
(my weird and demented side! we all have one..I just share it!!)
"Tattered and Old


just because!!!..she amuses me!!!

Altered Lori paperdoll

a flickr friend saw a paperdoll I made and asked if I'd do one with her it is! I won't post it on flickr until she's received it!

Photo of my son and me ..............

taken last Tuesday when we met for the first time!! Waited to share it,because I felt it was important to be sure it was ok with him..I didn't want to intrude on his privacy. This photo I will treasure. Just wish I didn't look so darned old in it!...funny,when I look in the mirror this isn't what I see..I see a younger woman without all the wrinkles!! oh well, those wrinkles are a testament to my life experiences!!... Crap...I've had a lot from the way it looks!!!  thanks for visiting!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Wishing all of you an Easter filled with joy,love,family,friends........and His Love for you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Reposting the atc I posted yesterday..scanned it and got a much better picture! Also posting a new one ...both for group swaps.Both are "cut and paste" with collaged backgrounds,distress inks and watercolor. Thanks for visiting! Have a fun weekend and a wonderful Easter!

Mein Welt: Happy Easter everyone !!! Thank you JESUS for ever...

Mein Welt: Happy Easter everyone !!! Thank you JESUS for ever...: "I love you JESUS!!! thank you. Frohe Ostern - Feliz Pascoa -------------------------------- painting by caio fern 2004"
please click on this link! my friend Caio has posted a painting he did...a powerful painting !!

Happy Easter


May His love surround you at Easter and always.

Pic's of the giveaway goodies.....................

that I won from PlushPossumStudio!!! Rose was sweet to let me "lift" them from her blog!!!! Yep..I'm still doing a Happy Dance!!! All these fabulous goodies and a Nick Bantock book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In all the recent excitement...

I've forgotten to post the ATC I made for a group swap. (not the best pic...took it with my cell phone camera and sent it to my computer! as you can cell phone isn't top of the line!!) . thanks for taking the time to visit!!

I'm the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

of PlushPossumStudios mega-fabulous and oh,so generous giveaway!!!!!! I was waiting to post,because I had asked if I could "lift" the photos from the blog to show you all,but I haven't heard back yet,and I didn't want to wait any longer!!!
I am just so thrilled and delighted!!! Thank you so much to Rose at PlushPossumStudio!
If I can use her photos I'll post the wonderful goodies! Otherwise, I'll post photos when they arrive!!
Thank you so much,again!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plush Possum Studio: Tonight's the Night of Our Giveaway's Drawing !!

Plush Possum Studio: Tonight's the Night of Our Giveaway's Drawing !!
hurry everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not much time left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know you want to win...can't win if you don't add your name!!

Mein Welt: cruelty against animals by Companies.

Mein Welt: cruelty against animals by Companies.: "Oppose plans for breeding beagles for vivisection New York based company Marshall Farms purchased UK vivisection breeder B&K Universal a..."
this is important!! please go to Caio's blog for the info!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plush Possum Studio: Upping the Ante on our Giveaway!

Plush Possum Studio: Upping the Ante on our Giveaway!
they have added more!! oh,if you haven't added your name yet.HURRY!!!!! the book alone would be fabulous....yet,they have generously added more to the giveaway!!!

I am walking on air !!!!

Today was all I could have dreamed for ..and more. My son is an amazing man. We shared our lives and asked each other so many questions. He said he understood my choice and was grateful..he said his parents are wonderful and he had everything in life that he could want. He was so glad that I made the photo album for him. He wants to meet Cole and Savannah. He was blown away by how much his daughters look like my granddaughter Amelia...they do!!!  We are going to keep in touch! He is a very successful businessman with a beautiful wife and 2 lovely daughters. Before he left,I told him I have loved him from the day he was born and he said I could still love him now! My heart is so full of joy. I know that my choice was the best for him,that he is happy..his parents did a fabulous job in raising him,loving him and guiding him to the person he is today. I have such a feeling of completeness now. I know I am not his "Mother"..he has one,but he will always be my son.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Art From The Heart: More in The HUGE Giveaway

Art From The Heart: More in The HUGE Giveaway OMG..Amy has added MORE to her giveaway!! click on the link to see what she's added!! hurry,hurry,hurry!!!!
Good luck everyone!!

Less than 24 hours away................

from meeting my son! Here is his hospital photo. It has been on my bedside table from the day it came in the mail so many years ago. I made a copy to give to him along with the photo is the album finished! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Dear Husband !

Today is our 35th Wedding Anniversary..the one man who will forever hold my heart in his hands. We met less than a month after I I asked him out on our first date..on the way to a funeral! REALLY! He had called to tell me that our close friends sister had been tragically killed in a car accident..he was making all the calls for Ray...OK,tacky,but I saw my opportunity and asked if he could give me a ride to the funeral..he said yes. Long story short..on the ride there I asked him out! Poor taste or changed our lives forever!  My twin sister is to Stephen's left,his sister is to my right. Ray is to his sisters right! My identical twin,Jan,was my Maid of Honor, Stephen's Grandfather was his Best Man!!
Stephen,I will love you for all eternity! 

A photo album I made to give my son on Tuesday!

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
Create your own photo album - Powered by Smilebox
Another photo album by Smilebox
I printed it out and made it into an album. Since my harddrive broke,alot of my photos aren't available to put in it. I thought he might want photos..if he doesn't.......................

Friday, April 15, 2011


Meeting my son on Tuesday at 9 am! We have sent numerous emails.....OMG!!!! He was 2 weeks old when I placed him for adoption..I treasure those 2 weeks and remember them VIVIDLY! Ican't believe it..I left the message on his facebook page exactly 1 year ago to the day!!

My heart is swelling with unbelievable joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received a message on facebook just 15 min. ago from my son that I gave up for adoption when I was 19 !!! I have been searching for YEARS and just a couple of years ago i found out his adoptive name and some addresses. Further searching led me to where he works(1/2 hour away from my home!!)..and his latest address(about 1 hour away from me!). I have not called or shown up to his home,as I felt it would be wrong. I left a message on facebook 1 year ago today..and today he sent a message to me saying he wants to meet. I can not believe it! I will keep you updated!! I hope when he meets me,he isn't disappointed.  I have searched for my birthparents,but no luck.As an adoptee,I so understand how it feels..I never felt the need to look for my birthpparents until my parents went to heaven..but,as an adoptive heart yearned for my son. I did what was best for him...but I have always had an empty place in my heart. I had to share this! my husband and kids are overjoyed for me. I am walking on clouds. tears of joy are streaming down my face!! I am now waiting for a reply from him....tick-tock,tick-tock.....waiting...................................

Plush Possum Studio: Easter Postcard #6: "All Easter Gladness" + a Deco...

Plush Possum Studio: Easter Postcard #6: "All Easter Gladness" + a Deco...: "Isn't this a lively, colorful edition? As it never got posted, it still has that same fresh look of long ago. Published by Philip Sander in ..."
A lovely freebie download from the wonderful and so generous Plush Possum Studio!!! grab a cup or glass of your favorite coffee,tea,wine..whatever..and a snack..and spend some time with all the wonderful downloads that are so generously offered for free! If you haven't signed to so quick! You don't want to miss anything!! have fun!!!

A Gift from a Flickr Friend !

front cover

back cover

back inside cover

inside front cover
My friend Jodie,on flickr, was admiring my paperdolls..I told her I'd be delighted to make her one..just send me a picture of herself....a couple of days ago she sent me this lovely handmade journal! her paperdoll went out in the mail today...sadly,I forgot to get a picture of it to share with you..if she posts it on flickr,I'll post it here. Thanks Jodie for the lovely journal!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazing Grace............

Click on link to enjoy! A friend sent this to me and I wanted to share!!
Amazing of the most beautiful songs ever! Performed by Il Divo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Creative Dream: So, now that the journal is finished...

A Creative Dream: So, now that the journal is finished...
another fabulous giveaway!! A handmade journal..gorgeous!!...with her techniques in it!!! I love learning new things,and to have them in one book by someone who really knows what they are doing...oh,run right over and put your name down!!!!!! Ann

I AM A COMPUTER DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here goes the story...turned my computer on this morning figuring I could get into flickr since i had gotten in last night on my son's computer..he has a Google browser.Well,didn't work. First,thought about throwing my computer against the wall..not an option 'cause I can't afford a new one and I'd just be cutting my nose of to spite my face(as the old saying goes) I thought..what's different...DUH..GOOGLE BROWSER!!! So I googled(of course!) how to install google browser...followed directions..presto!!!!! ACSESS TO FLICKR!! Poo on you yahoo browser!!!
And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!!!!!!! LOOK OUT DIGITAL ARTWORK...HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo from a very pleased with herself Ann

Plush Possum Studio: ANNOUNCING OUR 100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!

Plush Possum Studio: ANNOUNCING OUR 100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!: "We have decided to thank all our readers here by offering our first in a series of giveaways, this one in celebration of our 100th Post! We ..." it's easier to click here to add your name to the giveaway..but be sure to read what to click on to add links,etc!! You know you want to go over now!!!!!!!! xoAnn

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ok..computers annoy me AGAIN!!!!!

I have a flickr account on yahoo...participate in swaps that are on groups on flickr....I can sign on to Yahoo!..but not onto flickr!! when I click on to sign in,the page pops up,where it usually has the places to put my email address and password,but it is now a blank page!!! contacted yahoo..they sent me to att..they did what they help..gave me another # to call...aaarrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I have no way to contact anyone that sent me swaps to thank them or anything else!! Yep, I'm pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plush Possum Studio: GIVEAWAY

Plush Possum Studio: GIVEAWAY: "OUR 100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!!FEATURING THE WORK OF FAMED ARTIST/AUTHOR NICK BANTOCK!!! To see his website, go HERE.For more about the bo..." Click on the link to go to PlushPossumStudio and add your name to their wonderful giveaway! if you haven't been there will find fabulous images to download!! they have made the most wonderful images available to download for free!!!..images you would expect to pay lots generous is that!!!! Ann

Monday, April 11, 2011

Look what came in the mail...................

my beautiful prize from Marie at Lost Bird Studio!! So gorgeous,so vintage and smells like lavender!!!First,it was wrapped in fabulous vintage fabric,wrapped with beautiful ribbon,tucked in the ribbon was a beautiful tag and a feather...oh,almost too pretty to unwrap! But,I did..the postcard image is done on satin and delicately aged on the edges!!Thank you Marie!! Such a treasure and I am overjoyed to have won it!!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Green Witch with Sprinkles: A Little Boy, a Donkey and a Special Favor

Green Witch with Sprinkles: A Little Boy, a Donkey and a Special Favor: "While catching up on my reading in blogland last Wednesday, Linda at Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts ran a post titled, Ry and I have a favor to ..." PLEASE GO TO MINA'S BLOG..READ THIS AND CLICK ON TO SEND YOUR LETTER OR EMAIL!!! ANIMAL ABUSE IS A SIN..WE ALL NEED TO PROTECTS GOD'S CREATURES!! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fabulous giveaway to celebrate...

Amy's 200th post!!!!!! Click on the link to go to her blog...serious eye candy!! Wait till you see all the goodies!!!Art from the Heart..AmyJo Dayton!!
Good luck everyone!!!  Ann

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today my Granddaughter is 6 years old! goodness,it just seems like yesterday that I spent 22 hours at my daughters beside,throughout the night,as she labored to deliver her...finally had a C-section.What an amzing site to see your grandchild lifted from your daughters body! She is a source of joy and delight.has a wicked sense of humor and has taught me the fine art of pouting! She has her Grandfather(my husband) wrapped around her little finger! she loves princess,ponies and Spongebob!!! Happy bithday darling!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lost Bird Studio: 200 Post Giveaway

Lost Bird Studio: 200 Post Giveaway My goodness..Marie is having another giveaway with a chance to win some lovely things!! Click on and add your name!! Yay for me..I was a winner of the giveaway she just had!! I'll post a photo as soon as it arrives and I can get a photo of it!! Marie is a wonderful artist..please visit her blog!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Art & imagesbykim: April Giveaway!!!!

Art & imagesbykim: April Giveaway!!!! a fabulous giveaway!!! pop over to Kim's blog and enter to win!!! I did..keeping my fingers,and everything else possible!,crossed! Ann

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks to Amyjo......

I've been taking my time learning photoshop.My dearest friend Amy (click on to go to her blog for some serious eye-candy..she's a fabulous artist!)gave me a gift certificate to Moonlghtjourney.(click on to see the wonderful collage sheets they sell).I got some tutorials and I'm slowly on my way!!Still have a lot to learn but I'm enjoying learning! Amy..thank you again for the so wonderful gift!!! You kindness has given me hours and hours of  pleasure..without your thoughtfullness and friendship I wouldn't have been able to treat myself like I did!!! MoonlightJourney's downloadable class is the only tutorial that made sense to me !!
top image of the darling little girl with the bow in her hair is from MrsInman on flickr..thank you so much. Second image..I can't remember!
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend..thanks for visiting!! Ann