Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lost Bird Studio: 200 Post Giveaway

Lost Bird Studio: 200 Post Giveaway My goodness..Marie is having another giveaway with a chance to win some lovely things!! Click on and add your name!! Yay for me..I was a winner of the giveaway she just had!! I'll post a photo as soon as it arrives and I can get a photo of it!! Marie is a wonderful artist..please visit her blog!


Nancy Y said...

Hi Ann! I've never visited that blog before, I'm heading there now to check it out! Thank you for sharing this ~ and Congratulations on winning the giveaway, can't wait to see your treasures!!
Have A Wonderful Night!
Nancy xx :D

Ann said...

Nancy..You will so enjoy her blog !!! I will post a pic as soon as it arrives!! Ann

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Ann,
you are such a sweetie! Thanks for posting and good luck!
Have a wonderful week.

Ann said... are so welcome!! wanted everyone to have a chance!!!

Mina said...

A huge congratulations to you!

Ann said...

thanks Mina!!