Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mein Welt: cruelty against animals by Companies.

Mein Welt: cruelty against animals by Companies.: "Oppose plans for breeding beagles for vivisection New York based company Marshall Farms purchased UK vivisection breeder B&K Universal a..."
this is important!! please go to Caio's blog for the info!!!!!!


Jan said...

We gotta love our animals, for sure!

Ann said...

we do! vivisection is animal cruelty! he also has links to companies that use animal testing and those that don't. sad to dye ingredients poured into animal eyes to test for reactions and other ugly testing...some are still being done..others are not. we need to familiarize ourselves with this and not be part of it!

Mina said...

Oh Ann, this is horrible! Thank you so much for the link.

Ann said...

i know! it just turns my stomach!