Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks to Amyjo......

I've been taking my time learning photoshop.My dearest friend Amy (click on to go to her blog for some serious eye-candy..she's a fabulous artist!)gave me a gift certificate to Moonlghtjourney.(click on to see the wonderful collage sheets they sell).I got some tutorials and I'm slowly on my way!!Still have a lot to learn but I'm enjoying learning! Amy..thank you again for the so wonderful gift!!! You kindness has given me hours and hours of  pleasure..without your thoughtfullness and friendship I wouldn't have been able to treat myself like I did!!! MoonlightJourney's downloadable class is the only tutorial that made sense to me !!
top image of the darling little girl with the bow in her hair is from MrsInman on flickr..thank you so much. Second image..I can't remember!
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend..thanks for visiting!! Ann


Vagabonde said...

My husband gave me the Photoshop Elements program for Christmas 2009. I took a 3 hour class locally but everyone was almost a “pro” and all the explanations went way above my head – results: I have not opened the program since. I should try again I guess.

Nancy Y said...

Hi Ann! Your images look Amazing! I'd love to learn how to do that!!
Hope you had a Wonderful weekend!
Nancy xx :D

Amy said...

ann, i saw the name 'amy' and i was like,
yeah! dear friend. Read THAT, girls.
*I* am a dear friend.

then i saw it was some other ImPOSter 'Amy'.


Ann said...

Vagabonde and Nancy..thank you both so much!!!
I've had photoshop for almost 4 years..NEVER could figure it out. the tutorials i bought from MoonlightJourney made it so understandable. I downloaded the classes..printed them out and have them on hand to remind me what to do,where to "go" and all that stuff!! I am planning on buying more from them. I have several books on how to do photoshop,but i didn't "understand"! Thank goodness for the one's from moonlightJourney...I am beyond delighted with their downloadable tutorials!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Ann said...

oh..dear Amy...I love you too!!!!!!READ THAT,GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Photoshop!!! once there, no one wants to go back to where they had been!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

It's great! I think I have to buy from your Photoshop!:):) Hugs

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Ann,
what a sweet friend Amy is!!!
I have no clue about photoshop but it seems you mastered it:)
Have a great day.

artistamyjo said...

Hi Ann, this is the other Amy. You know the one in coooooooold Michigan !
You are soooooooo welcome for the gift and I'm pleased to know it's helping you learn something new.
Moonlight Journey is a very special place. just as you dear Ann are special to me.
Hugs & lov

Ann said...

Rose..i do love the ability to change images!! But,I will never loose my love for the feel of cutting,arranging,gluing,gel mediums and the wonderful "messy" of cut and paste!! but,now i can change things,print,cut and paste!!Photoshop really opens up so much more!! thanks.

Ann said... are so sweet!!!!!! xo

Ann said... are so sweet!!!!!! xo

Ann said...

Marie, thanks so much!I still have alot to learn,but I'm getting there! Yes, Amy is the sweetest,dearest and kindest friend ever!!! I love her and we have never met face to face,but I feel as though I've known her all my life! hugs!!

Ann said...

Amy, love you with all my heart!!!Everytime I use photoshop I think of you and what a special person you are!! xoxo

Shirley said...

How brave you are..I need to learn photoshop too. My sister is really good..not me..maybe on my bucket list..

Mina said...

I love what you did! I wish I had a real photo shop but it is not in the budget so I use a free collage program. It doesn't do these wonderful things though.

Ann said...

Shirley..thanks so much! Still learning...I want to be able to add stuff..once I finish learning how I'll post it! xo

Ann said...

Mina..thanks! free collage program?..who,where,how?...could you let me know? Free is SO in my budget!!!!!xo