Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Dear Husband !

Today is our 35th Wedding Anniversary..the one man who will forever hold my heart in his hands. We met less than a month after I I asked him out on our first date..on the way to a funeral! REALLY! He had called to tell me that our close friends sister had been tragically killed in a car accident..he was making all the calls for Ray...OK,tacky,but I saw my opportunity and asked if he could give me a ride to the funeral..he said yes. Long story short..on the ride there I asked him out! Poor taste or changed our lives forever!  My twin sister is to Stephen's left,his sister is to my right. Ray is to his sisters right! My identical twin,Jan,was my Maid of Honor, Stephen's Grandfather was his Best Man!!
Stephen,I will love you for all eternity! 


Shirley said...

Happy Anniversary Ann..I'm so thrilled you showed us this beautiful picture..Wow, your dress was beautiful...handsome hubby too. You were a beautiful bride..time sure flies by...Great number too!!! not many mariages make it to the levels ours have..Give him a great big hug and kiss just liek back then! LOL!

Ann said...

Thank you Shirley!! Many of our married friends have long divorced! My twin sister was married 5 times!!

Amy said...

oh. husbands.

i love mine too.

right Now he is Sent to Bed for being a jerk, so


how much I love him.
He's in trouble, of course...

But yeah. They are good things, these husbands of ours.

I am super glad you have a tolerable one too.


artistamyjo said...

Happy Anniversary to you both may your hearts be intwined forever.
Hug and Lov, Amy

Barbara DeLisle said...

CONGRATULATION ANN that is so wonderful. I will be married for 42 years this summer. I love when I hear someone else has been married for many years.

Ann said...

you are so funny!
Making up is so good,huh!!!

Ann said...

Amy...oh,thank you !!!!xoxoxoxoxo

Ann said...

Barbara..thanks!! My parents were married for more than 65 years before my mom died..they are still married in Heaven! They were my role models!!

Mina said...

Oh Ann, you were such a beautiful bride! Happy anniversary, my sweet friend.

Ann said...

Mina..thank you !!! What a lovely thing to say!!! We had a lovely day..didn't do anything special because we had no one to leave our youngest grandchild with. but that's ok..we were together and that's all that matters! xo