Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KC Willis: I Have a Guardian Angel....

KC Willis: I Have a Guardian Angel....
Such a fabulous givaway !!! for all the KC Willis fans out there,wouldn't you love to have an item made by said fabulous artist!!!!!!! Those of you who don't know KC Willis..stop by the blog...check out the wonderful classes offered and some awesome art. Follow this link to find out how you can have a wonderful piece of art made by KC Willis.

Tomorrow is a special day................

and not just because it is New Years Eve. It is special and has always been celebrated in my family as "Adoption Day"...the day we celebrated our family..the day my twin sister and I were adopted by my Mom and Dad !!! The day that is far more special than my birthday, this day is what I consider my birthday!! My parents had tried for some time to have children and couldn't. My Mother was scheduled for exploratory surgery to find a reason for her infertility when my father received a call from Childrens Home Society California saying they had a babygirl for them!!!(they called him at work...1954..god forbid they call the wife back then!!). My Dad said"well take her"..they said"just one thing,,she has a twin" Dad said "we'll take them!!!"..the agency said"don't you want to talk to your wife?"..Daddy said "NO,WE WANT THEM...WE'LL TAKE THEM!!!". My birth mother named me Annette and my sister Janette...the names my parents gave us were Sherrie Ann and Susan Jan..quite a thank you to our birth mother,their way of thanking the wonderfully unselfish and loving woman who cared enough to give us the best,which she couldn' my birth mother,wherever you are ..thank you for loving us that much,your decision gave me the most wonderful parents any child could want! We always came first in their lives,they moved heaven and earth to be sure we had everything life had to offer and more!! I don't remember ever being told I was adopted,I just always new..and I always felt special ! I never thought about not being their blood..we were each other hearts!! Mom and Dad and Jan...I know you are in Heaven and watching over all of us..tomorrow,I know you will be sharing Our Day with me...Mom and Dad I love you and thank you for all you did..your love and support ..I am who I am because of you. The photo I have posted was taken by my Dad the day my parents picked us up at the agency..My paternal Grandmother is on the left,my Mother is center, and the lovely lady on the right is "Finny" as my Mom referred to Miss Finnigan,the worker that handled the entire process..she attended my wedding,as I thought she should be there at the "next important beginning of my life". My grandmother is holding me and my Mom is holding my sister(I think!!!!).

December 31,1954...a very Happy New Years Eve!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to visit my blog,who leave a comment, who have shared the good and difficult times of the past year with me,to those of you who have become such dear friends.....I am Blessed


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ATC "closed in"

here is an ATC I started some time ago and just recently finished. It was one of those that I just had to keep looking at to figure out what I wanted..finally picked the image to go behind the window...I like how it doesn't "match" the style of the house. I wanted an "off" look.

ATC for PID group

theme for the Dec.2009 jackpot is winter cuties..image,of course, is from PaperImageryDesigns. I used the face from one of my favorite collage sheets,added a sweater from a catalog photo and embellished with Stickles glitter glue..also,added pic's from magazines that I cut out and altered. Drop by the PID website to see all the wonderful collage sheets and goodies there.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Some photos to share...

In October we went to my son's best friends (Jonny) wedding. These are photos of my son Cole and me,my husband Stephen and grandson Eddie and Stephen,Eddie and me. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a fabulous time. My son was the best man. The newlyweds have just recently found out that they are going to be parents!!! Jonny is my "2nd" son and I can hardly wait!! Babies are a precious gift !! Congratulations Jonny and Sarah !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I thought I would share this Christmas photo . It was taken in our first home when my children were VERY young. Christmas is a time to share with family,friends and loved ones. A time to share the gift of Our Lord and Saviour's Glorious birth. I wish you all a wonderous Christmas and a Happy New Year.