Friday, April 15, 2011

A Gift from a Flickr Friend !

front cover

back cover

back inside cover

inside front cover
My friend Jodie,on flickr, was admiring my paperdolls..I told her I'd be delighted to make her one..just send me a picture of herself....a couple of days ago she sent me this lovely handmade journal! her paperdoll went out in the mail today...sadly,I forgot to get a picture of it to share with you..if she posts it on flickr,I'll post it here. Thanks Jodie for the lovely journal!


Plush Possum Studio said...

Love the book! Just gorgeous! You've inspired me! Haven't made a new one myself in 4 or so months. As soon as company gets gone, maybe I'll take the time to stitch up a different set of pages.

P.S. Our last Easter Postcard just went up. Stop by and see if you've got the time!

Ann said...

thanks rose! I was just delighted with it. I haven't sewn a journal in ages. I used to doe the books with signatures with different bindings..years ago1 maybe i'll try my hand at it again! i'm on my way to your blog!! feel free to link to your posts any time!!!!!! xo

artistamyjo said...

Very nice Ann, you have a real jewel.
Hugs, Amy

Ann said...

thanks Amy!!! xoxoxo

Mina said...

What a sweet gesture! How lovely.

Ann said... was!! I was very surprised..wasn't expecting it at all.I love to alter paperdolls with friends faces,and I was delighted when she asked! if you ever want to be altered..just send me a picture!!xo