Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Puddin' n Pie: Tag Tuesday and a Giveaway!

Puddin' n Pie: Tag Tuesday and a Giveaway!
ok..all my friends..pop over to Georgie's blog and check out her wonderful Halloween tags that she's made for her giveaway!!! They are fabulous!!! while you are there..check out her are going to enjoy it sooooooo much!!!..go on her "follow me" are going to want to!!!!!!


Magic Love Crow said...

You are right Ann! I love the "Meow Cat" and the creepy owl and the cat standing up! They are all fantastic!

artistamyjo said...

Thanks for the heads up Ann, delightful tags!

Georgie Horn said...

aww shucks ya'll! Thanks for coming by and getting ya puddin n pie!

Mina said...

Her tags are adorable! I love her technique and always admire people who can do that. Folks who get my paper crafts have to settle for plain paper with pretty things on them unless I find paper already decorated. ;-)

Ann said...

Mina..your work is ALWAYS gorgeous!!!xo