Friday, May 13, 2011

Tony, The Gas Station Tiger, Gets His Freedom |

Tony, The Gas Station Tiger, Gets His Freedom |
this was a horrendous example of animal cruelty and abuse!


Mina said...

Oh Ann, I am so happy to hear this! He is such an amazingly beautiful animal and people can be so heartless and ignorant.

Ann said...

i know! i can't believe the state let it continue for so long!! this was actually in the paper the other day..on youtube...pity it took the media and not the hearts of the people in the area..or maybe they tried and it took the media!!
at least he will finally have a good life. !!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Amazing news!

Ann said...

i always wonder what people are thinking!! how could this person who kept him there have thought it was ok? a very small and mean mind!
i'm surprised it took 10 years for this tiger to be saved from this inhumane treatment..but better late than never!!