Saturday, May 7, 2011


I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day!!
A day where we remember our Mothers. My mother was my role model...she taught me love,patience,understanding,nurturing and caring! She taught me to cook(don't like it..cook yes,cleaning up..NO!!),sew,clean(ick!) ,do laundry,iron..and all those things that we do. But,she also taught me to have fun with my kids..that all those things could wait..because kids grow so fast,,dishes can be washed later,floors can be swept and mopped later( she used to say "who wants to eat off it anyway!")..don't get me wrong,a clean house is good..but if a little one wants to play dress up.cowboys and indians,read a it then and do the housework later! 
My Mom loved me no matter what I said or did..I could always go to her for anything..advice,comfort and just because!!! It wasn't until I had kids of my own that I could really appreciate what she did!!
A Mother loves,cares and all the Mom's who have children of some it your own with 2 or 4 feet.or someone else you "Mother"( and this is EVERY WOMAN I KNOW!!!!!)..I wish you a day filled with happiness and love !!!!
Mom,Happy Mother's Day!! I carry you in my heart and thank you for being you!!! I love you!!!
xo, Ann


Shirley said...

Dear Ann, Thanks for stopping by..I was just going down my list of my favorite people when i saw you commented..
Wishing you a wonderful Mothers day as I'm sure this one will be extra special, and your mothering instincs must be very happy after having a visit with your son.. enjoy your day..

Ann said... dear friend!! Thank you!!!Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! xo

Jeanie Callaghan said...

That's a lovely post, Ann. My dear Mother passed away in 1983 bue she is still a part of my life.

Italo said...


artistamyjo said...

Lovely post and I hope you my daer friend have a beautiful Mother's Day.
Lov & Hugs, Amy

Ann said...

Jeanie...our Mother's are always with us,aren't they!! Happy mother's Day to you!!

Ann said...

Italo...thank you my friend!!!1 Wishing your Mom a wonderful mother's Day!!! She raised a wonderful,talented man!!xo

Ann said...

Amy dear, Happy Mother's Day to you!!!! love you much!!! xoxoxo

Amy said...

God, here i am SUper LAte,
happy HAPPY
belated mothers day to you :)

Ann said...

not to worry!!!
did you have a good one? i lnow how you feel about it,but mine are good to me all year long,and i still like my special day where i get to do my thing without feeling weird or selfish!!('s the mom in mom would roll over in her grave if i didn't put them first!!).