Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks to PringleHillStudio for the steampunk girl image!!
Having lots of fun working in photoshop!! Finding stuff in it that I didn't even know was there !! This is so nice to have on days like today.when I can't drag out all my art stuff!!
 thanks so much for visiting. xo


Shirley said...

OMyGosh..she is a beauty..I love steampunk and this is a perfect example...What fun! And I must say, I have had days just like this...hahaha! Dont forget to smile...your friend...

Ann said...

thanks Shirley!
the image was great..already had the typewriter and colr!! i added the other elements! i working on elements,layers...yada..yada..yada!!!

artistamyjo said...

I just love her Ann and your getting to be photoshop whiz too !
Hugs, Amy

Beadwright said...

I too love this little girl. Glad you had such a great day.

Ann said...

thanks so much Nicole!!! hugs!

Ann said...

Amy..thanks !!! It's all because of you!! xoxo

Mina said...

I love this! You create such wonderful images that always put a smile on my face.

Ann said... sweet!!! thanks so very much!!! xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Too fun for words!!!
Love this, Ann!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I love steam punk. It's so quirky! Wish *I* had a typewriter hat!

Ann said...

thanks Rose!!
Thanks Nathalie!!
this was a great freebie image that I used!!!

trisha too said...

Well that's an interesting image--she's getting ready to be a modern girl, all right, with the typing and the bobbing of the hair!


Plush Possum Studio said...

How's the wet weather there? We have as much rain as I wanted of snow this past winter!
Shall we grow fins or gills?

How'bout just us two gals have a wee little ATC swap on that very subject: weathering the rain!!
You pick your subject if you don't like mine.

whymsicalmusings said...

Do you know how how much you make me smile when you come to my blog:) YOu always make my day! I so love the steampunk girl you are really getting good at Photoshop!

Ann said...

Rose..the rain has gone for a few days!! may be coming back!!the atc swap sounds fun!! love your idea!!!xoxo

Ann said...

Becky..thanks honey! it's my pleasure!!!!! It's the photoshop classes i got from your store that has brought out the "digital beginner" in me! gosh..i'm having such fun!! I'll be posting a couple of things later!! kisses!!!!!!

Ann said...

Trisha..thanks!! I have to thank PringleHillStudios again for the image!! She so generously provides so many images for free!!