Friday, May 27, 2011

MY GIVEAWAY WINNER IS.........................................

Congratulations Peggy!
Everyone's name went into a husband picked the slip of paper with Peggy's name! I went to use the Random number generator..didn't want to use peoples email adresses, I went with "the hat"!!
Peggy..could you contact me with your address and I'll mail it out to you!!
My thanks to all!! I was so honored that you all liked it !!!
xo, Ann


peggy gatto said...

Oh boy Oh boy!!!!
Thank you ! I will e mail you now!!!!

Ann said...

thanks for wanting it!!!
I will mail it out Monday!!
enjoy your weekend!

Beadwright said...

Congratulations Peggy.

Ann said...'re so sweet!! thanks for entering my giveaway. I was thrilled that all you TALENTED artists wanted to win it!! It really was such an honor for me!! hugs!! and have a wonderful holiday weekend!! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh Peggy ;o) Can I win next time?? LOL! Take Care Ann ;o)

Italo said...

CIAO ANN! Happy week end to you and your family, and Peggy..compliments! :D

whymsicalmusings said...

Congratulations Peggy! How exciting!
Ann thank you for all of your support and thoughtfulness. I turly count you as a dear dear friend!

Ann said...

magic love are so funny!!!it really makes me happy that so many people wanted something that i made!!!!!enjoy your weekend!! :)

Ann said...

Italo..hello my dear friend!! We are having a long weekend..Memorial Day! There is a big Cajun Festival going on ,all weekend,in the park across the we are enjoying the music! have a wonderful weekend!!..anymore races? xo

Ann said...

Becky...thanks honey!!I'm just soooooo glad you were safe. xo

Mina said...

Yay! A huge congrats to Peggy.