Saturday, July 9, 2011

digital atc
Brutcher vintage frame
IE baby dolls
texture:Last Door...Down the Hall
thanks for visiting!!! hope you are all having a happy weekend!! I's MUCH  cooler!!!! and the humidity has really decreased!!!!!!!!!
hugs!   :)


artistamyjo said...

Just priceless Ann,she is a sweetie!

Ann said...

thanks honey!!!!!
did Jon have a wonderful birthday and is he full from your wonderful dinner you made him? i swear i could smell it all the way over here!!! xoxoxo

José Ramón said...

Ann happy Sunday.
Greetings from
Abstract text and Reflection.

orchid said...

Oh, letter to Daddy!!!
I have lots to say in my letter to him (who suffer from dementia) love and wish.....
Fine ark of art ANN!!!

Hugs, Orchid.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is so cute! I want to squeeze her cheeks ;o)

Ann said...

Jose Ramon..thanks for visiting!! Happy Sunday to you also!!! :)

Ann said...

Orchid..thank you!! I'm so sorry to hear about your father. My father didn't seem to recognize me a few days before he died..but I talked with him as I always did..and I'm sure he heard! Keep talking with your Dad...I firmly believe that even though they may not show it,dementia and Alzheimer's patients still remember some things:surely their children are one thing!! hugs :)

Ann said...

Magic Love Crow..thank you so much:)Prayers continue for your friends daughter.

orchid said...

Hi, Ann!!!
Orchid again. I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for your sweet words♪♪♪ 
I'll keep it in my mind when I see him.
Blessing to you, Orchid.

Mina said...

Oh Ann, this is so lovely. What a perfect title.

Ann said...

orchid..xoxo my dear friend!

Ann said...

sweet Mina, thank you!!! :) xo


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