Saturday, July 30, 2011

digital atc


Nancy said...

Ann, this is so Beautiful! I love the butterfly mask you created for her ~ it's absolutely stunning!!
Nancy xx

Plush Possum Studio said...

Oh Ann!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!
How do you do it? You always manage to surprise and delight my eyes with your fine work!!!!
Wonderful job!!!

Beadwright said...

I love this!!! It all works together so well. Beautiful

Ann said...

Nancy..thank you so much! this just "happened". I'd one the atc up until the butterfly..I wanted more ,but didn't know what..i put the butterfly on the card..looked kind of stupid just sitting there..didn't I was moving it toward the top,it went to the face and voila!!..just hit me!! a mask!! wasn't planned!! wish i could say it was a brilliant artistic thought..but it wasn't!! pure luck!!!

Ann said...

Rose..thanks!! read my reply to Nancy!!! xo

Ann said...

Nicole..thank so much!! check out my reply to Nancy! Wish it had been artistic genius!! :)

Shirley said...

Ann, this is stunning. Even if you created it by luck..I'm sure many creations are by luck...but it is YOUR luck and that makes you the artist!

Ann said...

Shirley...xoxoxo!!!!! aren't you sweet!! thanks so much!!!! :)

Mina said...

This is a really wonderful technique. I love the butterfly "mask".

Ann said...

mina..thank you so much!!! xo :)

orchid said...

Oh, I adore and love the cute girl with butterfly mask♬♬♬
Especially the contrast of colors.
I think black is good choice♪♪♪
Oh, just my opinion.
Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

Ann said...

Orchid..thank you!!! And,of course, I love to know your opinion!!! :)

pchickki said...

Very sweet Ann
Isn't digital art fun? :)

Ann said...

thanks!! it is!!!!!!!!! :)