Friday, July 8, 2011

British man removes wart with shotgun, also loses finger |

British man removes wart with shotgun, also loses finger |
ok..this is just so funny!!!!!!
i can say it's funny because it is!!!!!


artistamyjo said...

Oh this is funny !

Plush Possum Studio said...

LOL!!!! So goofed up!! Human nature is stranger than fiction!
PSst! Hay Ann! Can you handle another free collage sheet?
Things are gettin' downright steamy over at the Studio today!!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

PS: You and Amy are to soon be featured as teh Gallery's first "victims". Hope to make it soon! I know I promised, so thank you for waiting as patiently as you are.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hugs Ann, thanks for the smile ;o)

Ann said...

Amy..i know!! i laughed so hard!!! had to share it!!!xoxoxox

Ann said... glad you liked this!!! bet..I can handle all the free collage sheets you can offer!!!!!xo

Ann said...'s my pleasure to be a "victim"!!!!xo

Ann said...

Magic Love Crow...your welcome!!! love to pass on a smile!! :)

Mina said...

Oh my goodness! How funny.

Ann said...

Mina..still makes me laugh!!!! :)