Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey..we've all made mistakes..

they happen!!. Rose and girls at PlushPossumStudio  made a mistake in posting an image. MISTAKES HAPPEN and she's feeling so bad about it! Pop over and give her a big 'ol cyberhug!! While you are there,get yourself some wonderful free images!!!!
Pencils have erasers 'cause mistakes happen!!!! Don't let it get you down !!! You aren't the first that this has happened to and you won't be the last!! Love your blog and I wouldn't miss a post!!! That's why I always refer to myself as Miss Piggy..because ,if it's offered in more than 1 color/tone..I TAKE 'EM ALL!!!!  You put so much time and effort into the images you give..and I appreciate and thank you for it!!!!
HUGS!!!  (FROM ONE ERASER HEAD TO ANOTHER!!!..and if anyone says they aren't an eraser head..they are a liar!!!!! ) xo


Magic Love Crow said...

Cute post Ann! I'm an eraser head too! LOL! Take Care ;o)

Amy said...

ann that was so nice of you, i'm going over there right now.


Ann said...

magic love crow..we all are at some time!! :)

Ann said...

Amy..thanks so very much!!! Rose is so sweet and I feel so bad that she feels bad!! hugs!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann, we are just blown away by all the kindness we've received from both you and Amy especially. We just don't know how to thank you guys enough.

Two of the nicest, most fun people I know are followers and friends. I hardly know what to say.
Mondo Group cyberhugs from all the PPS affiliates!!!!!!!!
And mondo second hand hugs for the kidlets.
For all of us at the Studio, Thank You.

Ann said...

Rose...:) :) xo xo xo !!

Mina said...

It is so sweet of you and Amy to do posts on this topic. It is such a lovely site with wonderful free images. I truly wish they were not so hard on themselves over this.

Ann said...

Mina..I know how bad she felt! I hope her followers know she checks all her images and this one just"fell through the cracks" so to speak. she never would knowingly break any copyright laws ...I know she's not the only blogger who offers,so generously,images that have been researched for content and availablity for use,..that has had this happen. xo