Friday, February 4, 2011

Whymsicalmusings: Crazy Acquisition!

Whymsicalmusings: Crazy Acquisition!
ok..I had to share this. a very wonderful and talented artist whose blog and web store I go to has received the most insulting email from another "artist".Please click on to the link to read this email on Becky's blog. Becky is the sweetest,most caring and honest person! I can't believe how mean and ugly the person was who wrote this slanderous and libelous email to her was! This pissed me off so much I had to write this post!! thanks for listening to my rant. I for one, will never make another purchase from the writer of this email to Becky until she apologizes to Becky and recants her statement. I will not purchase from any web store that carries this other "artisits" products until it is done! Becky..I want everyone who visits my blog to know you are an artists with talent and morals and the highest integrity!!!!! ann


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh Ann your support is so overwhelming and kind. It is wonderful friends like you whom make each day bright and sunshiney in my world. Thank you so very much! I am thankful to have your friendship.

Ann said...

I am blessed by your friendship! This is just so wrong..and I want everyone to know!! xoxo

José Ramón said...

Fine words to that site transitare
thanks for your visit nice weekend

Ann said...

thanks for looking. I was so upset by the person who was so nasty to Becky.

Anonymous said...

Ohh thats horrible. really horrible.
Hope you are well Ann
hugs June

Ann said...

June, thanks for reading it. I was appalled at the unfounded outburst towards Becky. hope you are having a lovely weekend! Thanks for visiting!! feel free to link to your fabulous collage sheets!!!

Shirley said...

It's a shame when one shares the devil's tongue..

Ann said... put it so well!!!! I don't understand how people can be so hateful!!! I'd love it if you would link to your beautiful Valentine's!!! xo

Marianna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for OWOH. I really love your ATC's.

Ann said...

Marianna...thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment!

whymsicalmusings said...

Ann could you please send me your mailing addie:)

Jacque said...

Oi amiga... Eu não sei o que aconteceu , não entendi... Espero que se resolva.
Obrigada pela visita...


Kymberly said...

Dear Ann,
Thanks for stopping by last week and leaving your sweet comment--I had to take my One World One Heart Post down because I had so much trouble trying to get it to post in the first place that I didn't get my link turned in on time! I posted it several times but it wouldn't allow me to post my pictures and that was a requirement for the give away! Blogger has had problems with their *New* Post Editor so I don't really know if it was me or them this time with the technical problems--usually it's me!

I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your posting of this horrible person's maliscious actions! I haven't been blogging much lately and didn't know about this until today! I just left an encouraging post at Becky's and am going over to check out this demented person's sites and leave a comment or two!

I am on the Design Team at Moonlight Journey and know for a fact that nothing like that has ever-- or will ever happen! This lady has a lot of nerve and must be completely out of her mind!

On a kinder note--your ATC's are wonderful! You have a wonderful creative spirit! Keep up the great work!

Have a great day and so glad to have found your site! I will be back to visit you again!