Thursday, April 18, 2013

what I have created this month.............

 cut and paste atc

cut and paste ATC

digital 4x4

digital 4x4

here are some pieces I've been doing this month..
I actually had the chance to do "hands on" art!!!

all images,papers,backgrounds,word art,textures,etc. from various sources .
thanks for taking the time to visit!!!


Carlos Echevarria said...

I really like the 1st and 4th one...have a great weekend! Best wishes from South Florida, xo

Tracy Delisle said...

Wow Ann!! These are all amazing!!The doll is my favorite, but we know I love creepy,lol! Great pieces!

Lisa Purcell said...

I want both of the ATCs. bwahahahahah Okay, I am sure they are traded or unavailable but I had to say that outloud. They are awesome!!! You make such great, great art! Where did you get such a cool doll image? Love all the art!

Magic Love Crow said...

Ann, I love your mind and I love your creativity ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

So happy you were able to create some art ;o)

Lisa Purcell said...

Did I mention how delightful you are as a friend, muse, compatriot, and just all around great human being!!!!!!

Becky Loyall said...

Isn't it great to create!!! i love your cut and pastes and your Alice is so much fun! I love the picture of Alice and the pig:) have a wonderful weekend with your sweet grandchildren. Sending my love