Saturday, April 6, 2013


1.when you order a downloadable with paypal and paypal confirms payment has been long do you feel is a reasonable amt. of time to wait for the download to be available?
2. how many emails do you think you should have to send before you get a reply?
3. how many "contact us" forms do you think you need to fill out before getting a reply?'s been 5 days! least 4 least 3
thats what I've done.

is it okay that i am getting pissed off? 
have not ordered from this "person" for some time, but the have brought back some images that I loved,in digital format..don't have to have the sheets mailed!
i have sent my last communication ...i think i'm being nice when i gave her 48 hours to respond.
no response...i will contact paypal.
then,i will share the name of the person/store/company with all of you poor customer service is not ok!
there is even a phone number to call...called an answer,asked for the person and said "Is M------ there, I'm calling about an order I placed on the 1st of April that I haven't received"..i was told "yes,hold on" ..then my call was disconnected.aaarrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


Carlos Echevarria said...

Sounds like Comcast customer service, in relation to internet. They are alright for TV but in terms of an ISP they stink.

Yeah, keep the pressure up, that sounds odd...not even a generic email thanking you for your order ??? something, definitely, sounds amiss.

Keep us apprised, i know the general feeling, :(

Magic Love Crow said...

Kick ass girl!!! I am having a great weekend! I am sorry you're not!