Saturday, December 10, 2011

Puppy Website Duping Consumers

so important..please watch!! do not buy your puppy from this ,or any other internet puppy seller. if you can not visit before you buy..chances are your puppy comes from one of these puppy mills. let's help put them all out of business!! this video is from HSUS..the Humane Society of the United States!!


Magic Love Crow said...

This is so sad Ann!!! It has to stop!!! But, you know, who would buy an animal off of the internet?? I know I would never!

Mina said...

I hate puppy mills! We have them far too often here in TN and I get so angry. We have never bought a puppy or dog. All of our dogs come from the animal shelter or belonged to someone who could not keep them or their mother dogs pups. Even my King. He belonged to a collage boy whose apartment building banned large dogs and King was already 3 years old. It is a long story, but word got to us, I contacted the boy and we ended up with the sweetest, special German Shepherd you could imagine.