Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adobe Forums: PSE9..full edit problems

Adobe Forums: PSE9..full edit problems..I have just posted to Adobe forums.
All of a sudden, my effects/content under full edit won't work. I went to the adobe online customer support..their answer...i need to pay $39.00 for a "support ticket" for help! This fucking pisses me off!! I bought their product, it's not working..why do I have to pay again to get it to work? What is wrong with companies they not stand behind their product anymore? they want me to PAY for an answer? It's not like I dropped PSE9,or stepped on it,or spilled my coffeee on it!! Dear God..what is this world coming to? I swear to God, if I hadn't paid good money for this,I'd smear it in dog shit and mail it to them!!!!! My apologies to my friends who may be offended by my choice of words!!!...
If anyone has any ideas,let me know!!
....maybe I should uninstall and re-install?...can I do that? will the serial number work twice?


orchid said...

Must be a big problem!
I hope rectify soon, Orchid*

artistamyjo said...

Wish I could help Ann,don't know a thing about Adobe!Maybe find an 800 number to call sometimes helps to have a voice to talk to.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Wish I had an answer!
Also, there is more than one Yahoo group dedicated to PSE, including your version.
AND have you checked to make certain some virus or other hasn't done a number on it?
I've been reading about such problems online lately-- I got hacked/hitch-hiked/highjacked and things are still wobbly.
Do be careful!
Go to for FREE spyware/malware. It pays to have no fewer than 2 anti-malware programs for support, as they may not each always be quite effective enough.
I went there b4 xmas and found I had 12 spybots aboard this Mac!
Gotta run!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am sorry my friend, I can't help ;o( I hope this gets sorted out for you soon! I don't blame you for being upset!!!

Beadwright said...

Hey Ann. So I am sure you removed the program from your computer and uploaded it again. Sometimes things get corrupted and a reload takes care of it. But be sure to remove the program from control panel add and remove programs. Reboot your computer then reload PSE9. If this doesn't work then raise hell.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you out, Ann. I am so computer inept. But I will tell you one thing...I'd be really pissed to have to pay any additional money for help myself. Hopefully this will get resolved for you without costing another cent.