Sunday, August 11, 2013
Patti is home after quadruple bypass surgery!!!!
doing well.
link is to her comment on her facebook page...drop by and leave a comment for her!!
thank you all for caring,for your prayers,healing thoughts and energy sent to her!!!
below is her facebook entry for those who aren't on facebook..
Seven days ago I had a quadruple bypass open heart surgery
I'm home now and healing just fine. Each day I'm better and look forward to a new life. I almost lost it guys. The Good Lord has blessed me with good family and friends and a new birthday! 
A strange thing I have thought of today is while in ICU the second day after surgery my nurse was so much comfort and helped me through this very painful time. He spent every minute watching me, touching me, comforting me and my husband. He came to see me twice after I left ICU . His name was Larry. For four days I ask about Larry and no one knew of him. He was real, my hubby talked to him so I wasn't dreaming. Was Larry an angel? Weather in spirt or not, he was to me. Without Larry I'm not sure I would have gotten through those first days

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Magic Love Crow said...

I am so happy Larry was there for her and her hubby! Beautiful! Glad she is at home and doing well ;o)