Wednesday, August 7, 2013

digital atc...3 versions

overlays..NUMEROUS sources! 


Tracy Delisle said...

Wow! These are great Ann! Of course the darkest one at the bottom is my favorite version (:

Magic Love Crow said...

Very cool and kind of spooky too! I love them!!

Becky Loyall said...

My dear sweet Ann I have missed chatting with you. I so love your work! I love the things Lynne has been posting on the FB page. You are so talented and inspiring!
I am unable to get on the computer very often. Clay's meds are making him paranoid just a side effect but until he is off them he gets insanely crazy when I get on the computer. I pop in when I can but don't you forget I think about you and keep you in my prayers daily. Sending all of my love!!!!!!! Now off to the kitchen to do some baking:)

Lisa Purcell said...

I love these!!