Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yesterday,my darling grandson Eddie turned 5!! a joyful day!!
tomorrow is Father's Eddie's sperm donor Ryan..fuck you! you are no father..just because you squirt sperm and make a baby does not make you a father. a father is someone who loves and cares for his child..who is there for good and bad,supportive emotionally and financially. these things you do not do. 
i was not born from my parents bodies..yet my mom and dad were ,and still are, the bar to which PARENTING is held..the "Mother Bar" and "Father Bar" which you do not,and I doubt will ever,come close to.
You do not deserve to breathe the same air any other true parent breathes. You are a waste of life. I pray you never reproduce do not deserve to have any more are not worthy. I will light a candle every day...say a prayer every day...and,you know my candle lighting has results. it may take a while...I will wait...until then, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL,FOR I DO NOT!
To Titus and Amelia's sperm donor,Chad...ditto.Can you feel the candle burning? hot,isn't it!!! I feel better.
To all my friends....thanks for "listening"!


Becky Loyall said...

WOO hOO!!!! Tell Eddie happy birthday a bit belated:) And tell your sweet hubby Happy Father's day. Is there a saint day? If so happy saint day to you my wonderful friend. Sending tons of love your way

Magic Love Crow said...

Ann, I am always here for you! Happy Birthday Eddie ;o) You special little guy! Ann, you take care of yourself! You are so special too!!! Big Hugs ;o) Oh, keep those candles burning, they do work!!! xoxooox