Sunday, June 30, 2013

clowns are just creepy

clowns are just creepy by ann divelbiss
clowns are just creepy, a photo by ann divelbiss on Flickr.
ferris wheel :MoonlightJourney's new set LargeJewelryCards !!!!!!!!! I can find so many ways to use this new set!!! i know you can also!!!
Clown from DeviantScrap.
backgrounds,textures,overlays and word art from various sources.
hope everyone is having a great weekend..AND NOT MISERABLE FROM THE HEAT LIKE I AM!!!!


orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Ann,
The clown is cute and sweet; I love the tiny hat he is wearing, too♡♡♡

It is getting hot here and muggy as well(^^;) But at least we had fair share of rain in my area for the rainy season☂

Love and hugs from Japan my dear friend in Calf, xoxo Miyako*

Lisa Purcell said...

This is very creepy and yet so very cool. I just love how your digital art gets deeper and more meaningful.

Magic Love Crow said...

Very creepy indeed! Ann, I am so sorry you are in such a heat wave! Please make sure to drink tones of water! I don't want anything happening to you! Big Hugs and much love, Stacy