Sunday, October 23, 2011

ZooBorns Cats!

a dose of really just too cute for all of you!!!! ENJOY!!!
have to make myself smile..had to buy new laptop..wasn't an expense I had the money for!!!


artistamyjo said...

Sorry you had to buy a new laptop but happy you did.
We all missed you.

Mina said...

Oh Ann, such absolute treasure! I just want to hug these sweet babies. I love that little one drinking from the bottle. He has such a tiny little mouth.

I am so sorry you had to buy a new laptop. Oh goodness, what a bother.

Jan Hennings said...

so sweet!

Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh!!! Ann, you are back!!! Sorry you had to buy a new laptop my friend! Thanks so much for this amazing video! I have the biggest smile on my face ;o) Hugs!

Ann said...

hi all!!!
i'm so glad you all liked this!! i just knew you all would. they are just the cutest!! my 3 yo grandson watched this 4 times!!! you should have seen the look on his little,dirty face!!(he'd been eating "chetatoes"..cheeto's!!)..wish i'd gotten a picture!

orchid said...

Hi!, Ann.
I just watched it. How lovely and really cute♡♡♡