Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Mystery.............

digital atc. images from various sources


Anonymous said...

Great digital Ann, I love this kind of halloween atc.
Thank you my friend for coming by and commenting and supporting me. Things are so tough right now but i appreciate every comment and I know I cant comment often right now, but i will when things are easier
take care and have a happy Halloween week
hugs June xxx

Shirley said...

Wow Ann, this is beautifuly scary! haha..I wonder what type of escape Houdini would have to do in todays day and age?..would be interesting I'm sure..

Jan Hennings said...

what great ATC's!

artistamyjo said...

Absolutely terrific Ann.

orchid said...

Hi! Ann,
Sure is a work with "Mystery" image.
I was just wondering both of the guy can be a same man in your mind.
Haha, who cares!
Much Love and Hugs to you, Orchid*

Magic Love Crow said...

Very, very cool!!!