Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Llast Tuesday the hard drive on my laptop DIED!!! It took until last night to get my computer running and internet going. It was the week from HELL. My computer is a Dell..they were of ..little to no help, once I bought the hard drive and got the re-instillation cd's for my windows and drivers and utilities I wasn't sure which disk to put in first. When I called Dell they wanted me to pay $59.00 for the "technical support" to tell me which went in first..all because my computer warrenty is out(it's 6 years old)..can you believe that!!!! Caleed to find out where the COM port on my laptop was..same answer..$59.00 for the "technical support"!! now I have been crying my eyes out for 3 days..everything gone..all my files,pictures,documents....EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DOWNLOADED OR SCANNED FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS....GONE(including evey collage sheet,image,altered art item I have bought over 6 yrs..gone!!!). I had no idea I could back up on another device....NOW I KNOW!!!! Well, I called Microsoft...their tech support was marvelous..they took 3 days to figure it out...he even conference called ATT to explain my problem with the internet and what I needed(this was last night!!)...UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!! Then, this internet. Back to ATT where the most wonderful got me back up and told me step by step what to do as I wrote it down. Seems that Dell computers ,along with a couple other brands, have 2 wireless support systems..their own plus windows,,did you know if you have this problem,you have to close the Dell(or other cumper brand) wireless and use the windows one? Know I do !!!
I ahve contacted some of thewebstores where I remember getting downloads and I have received responses from most of them already..they have gone above and beyond to help me:
Also, Tangee Baxter at sent me a $20.00 gift certificate to use to help replace wht I lost from her. Since she know longer has her origional store she didn't have the files so,since she is now exclusively with Scrapbookgraphics she was so kind to do this...PLEASE VISIT HER ALSO AND TELL HER I SENT YOU !
Now, I have to find where I stored my down load disks for photoshop,my printer,camera,etc. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it could have been could have been me or someone I loved who died.Guess I need to dry my tears over my losses and get on..end my pity party!!!
So, if you don't see any posts with pic's of know why!
Everybody have a happy day !!!!!
:) Ann


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Stay cool Ann. These things happen and of course can be managed! Hugs

Rose said...

Can you get things back from your blog? Or any other places you have posted them?

Ann said...

Phivos..thanks ! You are so right! just need to keep it in perspective..could be far worse!
:) Ann

Ann said...

Rose, yes, I can get things from my blog posts..but the download collage sheet,etc, that I have bought over the last 6 years are gone...hundreds of downloaded collage sheets,papers,images,elements,that kind of stuff. I'm just going to have to slowly build up my collection again!!

artistamyjo said...

OMG,So happy your up and running again. Never had a problem with Dell but each person you talk to is different.
So glad you found some help.
Hugs ,Amy

Ann said...

Amy..thanks honey! I never had a problem until last week. I just think it sucks that they wanted $59.00 to tell me where a port on my computer was located! Bought my computer 6 yrs book that came with it showed a different model!!! System re-instillation CD's came without insrctions..again,they wanted $59.00 to tell me which one to put in first!!! I thought that was really poor customer service/relations.

shirley said...

Ann, Sometimes having a computer is enough to make you rip out your hair. I have no clue most of the time and wish I had kids that knew the computer...Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment on my Valentine. It means a lot. Hope you get things running the way you want them too. Hang in there,