Saturday, September 11, 2010

More paperdolls

I've been enjoying creating! My 3 grandkids have had between wiping snot,passing out juice and fever reducers I have had time,as you can see from my ATC's and paperdolls, to do some fun things. One of these days I hope to make some more cloth dolls..I love making them and I have tons of patterns !!
I've named the first MAUDE and the second CANDY KORN ! Silly,I know, but I'm in one of those moods( and enjoying it !!).


artistamyjo said...

I love these Ann,so whimsicle and fun to look at.......Hugs

peggy gatto said...

hello you cute dollies!!!

Ann said...

Amy..thanks !!!!!! have you recovered from your barn sale!!! wish I could have been there!

Ann said...

Peggy...thanks for visiting!!! I know you are busy with all your blogs..!!