Friday, September 20, 2013


I wanted to make a skull shrine for my son. Had the images,which i had purchased from TenTwoStudios a while back. i had printed the sheet ,but not the instructions,a couple months back..silly me,thought I'd remember how to put it together. Anyway,I got everything out,bought 2 sizes matchboxes to be sure i had the right ones, cut the images .then..crap..could not remember what to do with the matchbox cover..i remembered that it was cut a certain way,but couldn't remember the specifics. So..i spent over 2 hours going through my computer looking for the image and instruction files. couldn't find them. perhaps it was "can't see the forest for the trees" know how it is. well,i decided to try sending an email to Lisa at TenTwoStudios to see if i could get the instructions again.I realize that if everyone did it, it would be a pain. i figured if she couldn't,i'd just order the skull shrine kit digital download again.
She responded with the rudest,most unprofessional email I've ever seen!
my problem was with her first sentence.....
i use caps frequently. sometimes i email people with vision problems,so i use caps and slightly bigger fonts...sometimes i use them because i have cataracts and sometimes my vision is a bit cloudy..sometimes i use them just because!!
at any rate.......
here are the emails.(could not increase the size without cutting off emails with badges in my right sidebar) you right click on email image,then click on open link in new tab/window..the email will open and be much bigger!!! no eyestrain!!!
oh,duh!!! can just click on the email image and it opens up big!!!
my initial email:

Her response..note the first sentence..this is what i found so rude and unprofessional

my next email..

Her response..

My final email.. I am just not wanted to make this shrine...the whole thing just leaves a" bad taste in my mouth". I can't believe anyone would be that offensive as to begin correspondence with a customer in that manner.
My business may not matter to her  and that's fine. 
I am just amazed in this economy that any person who owns a business would treat any customer in that manner.
Very sad,but very telling.
So,how was your day?


Magic Love Crow said...

Ann, it's too bad you can't type out the e-mails in a bigger font. Kind of hard to see. I know everything that went on. I just hope other people can read this too! So everyone knows not to buy from her!!!! Stay strong lady! You are wonderful!

Ann said...

Stacy..yes..wish i could have gotten them bigger. my computer has a "magnifier". i wanted to print out the emails rather than "retype" them.
thanks Stacy. I was really hurt and offended by her.
you are a darling!

Ann said...

Stacy...if you right click on an email image and click on open link in new tab or open link in new comes up bigger!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Only one word. WOW!!!!!
Hugs Lynn

Ann said...

Lynn....i know!! i was shocked,hurt and ,to be honest,really pissed off by her nasty comment.

orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Ann,
I just don't have any word for you to say!!! You know, I'm always thinking about you♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to Calf-sis, xoxo Miyako*

Rhissanna said...

Uh! What a very unpleasant experience for you!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Ann, you are not the first to have this experience. She is sort of known on the internet as being a highly creative person, but extremely opinionated, a strong personality. Sorry that this happened. I completely understand the "bad taste."