Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Contact the White House | The White House

Contact the White House | The White House
bombard the White house with your concerns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you don't complain directly..who will!!!
at least you can say you tried!!!!


"MOI" Freubel said...

Phew Ann.
I followed the news overhere in Holland about the problems. Indeed very concerning.

Ann said...

it is something!!!! my opinion..they all ought to recieve the same government benefits regular citizens get! then,maybe they wouldn't want to be so quick to cut social security and medi-care. cutting any benefits to retirees,elderly,needy=plain wrong!! that's like taking money out of our personal savings accounts!! workers put money into their S>S> and medicare from EVERY paycheck they get!! It doesn't belong to Congress to do anything with!!! Of course,since they usually have tons of money,they also get much more in retirement money and great health doesn't hit them where it might hurt!!oh..did you want to be part of my soap-box?!!! gosh..I could go on and on!! but.. I do send emails to the White house and Congressional much it helps,anyone's guess!! But at least I can say I tried and now can complain in good consciousness!!!
A good time to thank you agian for all the awesome freebies on your site!!!!! i'm still a digital learner and your images are awesome!!! thanks!!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Not good Ann!!!

Ann said...

nope,Stacy,it sure isn't!!!