Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Yuletide Gift of Kindness

A Yuletide Gift of Kindness
I just read this article..and it touched me so. In all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping,trying to find the right gift,how many,outdoing we find ourselves forgetting the true meaning of the Holidays? This man didn't..and he gave of himself to others to "just give" ! This year,I am going to remember this..I don't have a lot,I have much less than most, but more than many..I have a roof over my head,food to eat(not always what I'd like,but nothing I hate and my stomach is full)...I can't buy new craft supplies,but I have lots I have bought over the years that I can use, I am rich in the love of my family and friends...surely I can find a little extra to help someone less fortunate than me!!!...when I go to buy a toy for each of my grandchildren for Christmas..I will buy three for needy children..if I can do more I will !
Thanks for visiting......Ann


Phivos Nicolaides said...

So beautifully said dear Ann!

Ann said...

thank you Phivos. It doesn't require a lot to make a difference. Maybe we should think of our world as a "village" and not different countries. It doesn't take much to make a difference in the life of 1 person,1 annimal,the name it!!! look at take the time to post about beautiful places and share your knowledge of the history..I learn someting new every day about a differnet county and the people...knowing your "neighbor" brings them closer! Also, I get a wonderful guided tour that others pay a fortune for!!!!!

shirley said...

Well said Ann,
last year in December the St. Judes hospital put out a wonderful utube video that hit my heart big time. It was a rock around the X-mas tree video with lots of little sick children. I started a donation hit on all my facebook friends. Was awesome.I collected 250.00..yippeee. This year a photo came in an email of a sherpard homeless dog sleeping in the cradle of baby Jesus! I am on my way to the animal shelter to brings a box of paper towels and some blankets and I will give a money donation to help the homeless animals..
This is now a gift I give in some small way can make a big difference...
Hugs to you!

Ann said...

Shirley..oh, you are a dear!!!!When I started giving monthly to the ASPCA the animals picture was of a kitty that loked exactly like my beloved Benny who had died the year before....gosh,it was Karma saying thank you for caring!!
hugs to you,my friend!!!! Ann

artistamyjo said...

I love this post Ann, we are all blessed in life,in many different ways. Sharing is caring and in the true spirit of Christmas we all need to care just a bit more.
I am blessed with many things, most of all having you for a friend.
Hugs& love you much.....

Ann said... are so right!!! And...I am blessed to have you as my friend! You enrich my life every day! hugs and love, Ann