Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Grandchildren's School photo's !!!

Amelia Grace..5 years old...Kindergarten photo
Titus..6 years old...First Grade photo
They grow so just seems like yesterday I was in the delivery room when my 86 lb. 4'10" daughter pushed out 9 lb Titus....and just yesterday when I watched them perform a C-Section and raise Amelia Grace from her mother's anesthetized body(she was out cold because she was so scared and couldn't relax enough for a spinal!!). To see them born,hear their first cry and welcome them into the world was a help raise them is a blessing!!!
So..I'm sharing my little blessings with all of you!!!
(It will be another 3 years before the last little blessing,Eddie, has a school photo to share!!)
hugs, Ann


artistamyjo said...

You are soooooooooooo Blessed Dear
They are just priceless.....

shirley said...

Oh Ann, The children are just beuatiful. You must be so proud. And they must make you days filled with joy and delight. Thanks for sharing the story of their birth too.
Children make the world a better place for sure...

Ann said...

Amy thanks!!!! I have to tell was just amazing to see Titus's head up in the bith canal..saw all that hair... and to see Gracie emerge from her uterus....the whole thing is just a miracle from God!!!!

Ann said... days are filled with joy and delight..even when they are being pains in the butt!!!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

What cuties!!! I have 7 grandkids - 7 yrs down to 10 months. Got to love being a grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers, dana

Ann said...!!! I love being a grandma, but,since they live with us I don't get the joy of filling them full of the crap they love and sending them home to Mom and Dad !!!! I always thought it would be fun to fill them up with ice cream ,candy and soda and send them home..LOL!!