Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Titus !!!

My oldest grandson celebrated his 6th birthday today. I think back over these very short years,back to the day he was born..I was in the L&D room the entire time ( leaving my daughters side only to pee and sneak a quick cigarette(..don't worry..I have been smoke-free,non-smoker since Sept.2009!!!!..smoked since I was 18 and I am 54!!)..anyway....I remember as my daughter was dilated to 10 and pushing, I looked into the birth canal and got my first look at his sweet dark little head(wasn't so little to Savannah!!!)..saw him slide out of his Mommy's body,into the waiting hands of the doctor,his Daddy cut the cord..and thus began an incredible bond with this grandson I love more than my own life! thank you to my daughter and her then-boyfriend for letting me share this . He is now quite the little devil..full of mischief,humor and unlimited energy ! He still loves to snuggle with me and tell me secrets and share his day,good or bad, with me. I have had the "wonder' of sharing his life so far with him..yes,it's crowded with everyone living with my husband and me..there are days I think " gosh, i'd really like to spoil him with lot's of sugar and send him home!!",but home is with us! But,the trade off is I get to be with him , my darling granddaughter Gracie and my sweetie-pie ginormous grandson Eddie(he's 20 mos,weighs 34 lbs and can wear a 3T shirt and pants! ). he's a big boy now..he got to ride to school today in the front more car seat!! (6 years or 60 lbs)..that really made him feel like a big boy. Came home from kindergarten wearing a birthday crown with his name on it and he got to pick 2 things from the treasure box..boy, was he happy!!


*jean* said...

ooo ann!! what a cute little pixie he is!!

artistamyjo said...

For Titus,
I hope you know what a very lucky young man you are to have such a wonderful Gramma.
I am blessed to have her as my special friend across the miles and I envy you being with her everyday.
Happy Birthday Titus, Hugs

Terri Kahrs said...

What a cutie patootie! I'm sure he had a wonderful birthday thanks to his Grammy! I had to smile when I read about his day at school and the "2 picks" from the "treasure box"!!! Hugs, Terri

april said...

He is a sweetie, Ann! Yes, a blessing to have him so much in your life. And thank you for your kind wishes. So far, I've excaped that flu! Can't believe it - dealing with it firsthand.