Sunday, March 15, 2009

TREASURE HUNT...Loved it!!

Here are my answers..didn't get them all..since I had no clue as to how to post the pictures(was I supposed to find them,save them to my computer and then upload them?),I didn't. I know the rules said to post photos..but I wan't everyone to know that I did the Treasure Hunt and had a great time!!
1.Young and the Restless 17. bicycle
2.bird eggs 18...
3.Poe 19.wastebin
4. ... 20.Bible.psalm 8:2
5.donald duck 21.freckles
6.pigs 22.Minnie Pearl
7.rosemary 23.Miss Piggy
8.Masked Rider 24....
10. cracker jack
11.Sonny and Cher
12. The Mona Lisa
13.Britt Reid..The Green Hornet
15.beware the dog
16. J.F.K.'s favorite Daquari

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